Black Poop ? Poop Color what does it says about your health

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Went to the bathroom sat on the toilet then find out the color of your poop is black? Well, the human feces/stool (poop) come in different colors.  The range of colors can instantly provide us quick information on health or potential health problems. Needless to say, knowing what your poop color can, in fact, save a life, too. The color can give your medical practitioners the idea whether a potentially serious intestinal problem is present.

As a general rule, all shades of brown are regarded normal. So, every time you wonder, “why is my poop dark brown?‚ÄĚ Please know that there is nothing to worry about.¬† The color of your stool can be influenced by several factors. One is the food you eat, and another one is the presence of a yellow-green enzyme called the bile. This substance digests the fats in your stool and is also a key factor in the color transformation.

Now, when the color is on the darker side, this can cause worries among the adults. So, what does it mean when your poop is black?  Generally, it can be caused by certain dietary factors. If you consume iron supplements regularly, this will cause the dark color in your stool. You may have also consumed black licorice (for instance, in beer or other alcoholic beverage) or bismuth subsalicylate (for example, Pepto-Bismol).  If the black color in your stool persists, see a doctor right away as it may also be a factor of bleeding in the stomach or upper gastrointestinal tract. It is important to highlight that you should NEVER self-diagnose when you feel something is not right. It is better to request for a stool test and bring the result to someone who is trained to interpret the findings.

Another color that many adults get scared of is yellow. So, what does it mean if your poop is yellowish? Should you be scared and rush to the hospital right away? Well, for starters, do not panic.¬† If one day you woke up and started wondering, “why is my poop bright yellow?” It may be due to an excessive fatty food you have consumed the day before. Yes, excess fat in the poop can result in a yellow-colored stool. But, what causes yellow poop in adults?¬† One is the presence of the protein gluten in the cereal or bread you consume.

One more unusual color in poop is white. So, what does it mean when your poop is white color?  There are two possible reasons. You may be experiencing bile duct obstruction which restricts the bile from performing its role in your digestive track. Another reason is dietary in aspect. You may have possibly taken anti-diarrheal drugs in large quantity. Either way, a quick visit to your doctor can be helpful.

The color of babies’ stool is an entirely different story. First-time moms usually panic upon seeing green or yellow poop in babies. One of the most common questions asked by moms is ‘what causes green poop in babies and diarrhea?‘¬† Breastfed babies normally have yellowish or greenish poop with a creamy texture. However, if the poop is watery in consistency and is unusually in large amounts, this can be a sign of lactose intolerance. Viral and bacterial infection may likewise be reasons. In this case, it is best to see the doctor immediately to avoid dehydration.

Another major concern about poop is the consistency. There are a set of reasons when it comes to what causes poop to be sticky. One is the presence of Bilirubin. Excessive consumption of fatty food can also be a reason.  Food intolerance is also a common cause. The worst possible reason is bleeding in the digestive track.

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